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We’re a fire safety company locted in St Dennis, Cornwall. We have established ourselves as a fire alarms and extinguishers specialist by providing a trusted, reliable and professional service.

What we do

Fire Alarms

  • • Service, install and commission to BS5839 2017
  • • Conventional systems
  • • Addressable systems
  • • Wireless systems

Fire Extinguishers

We supply and fit water, foam, Co2 and dry powder fire extinguishers.

Fire Risk Assessments

For those staff with a direct responsibility for fire safety in the workplace a longer more detailed course that provides an understanding of the principles and need for fire safety management. Giving a basic grounding in fire development, general housekeeping, evacuation procedure, maintencnace and testingrequirements of fire safety equipment and the importance of regular training this course will provide the confidence to managers and team leaders for supporting their staff and meeting the requirements of Article (21) of the legislation.

Fire Training

Not all staff require 'hands on' training in the use of fire extinguishers, but key members, or those with a specific responsibility, should receive training in the safe use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Action Fire Southwest can provide you with a short course that will satisfy these requirements. Using various extinguishers and controlled real fires your staff will be able to practice fighting a fire under the guidance of our experienced instructors.


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PAT Testing

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Vehicle Valeting

Welcome to our new division of Action Fire Southwest.

  • • We are also Glym Trained
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The different types of fire extinguishers we supply


6Ltr Water Spray 21A. Class A Fires, wood, paper and fabrics. Extinguishers supplied with flexible hose. Spray nozzle which satisfies the di-electric test of 35k Volts. Water extinguishers are still one of the most cost effective ways to put out free-burning materials fires such and paper, wood and fabrics.


6Ltr Foam spray 21A. Class A and B wood, paper and fabrics, flammable Liquids. 2Ltr Foam 8A. 2Ltr extinguisher fitted with fixed spray nozzle and quick release bracket. 6Ltr Foam extinguisher supplied with flexible hose, spray nozzle and durable plastic base. Meets the di-electric test of 25k volts.

Dry Powder

2kg Dry Powder 13A 34B. 3Kg Dry Powder 13A 89B. 4Kg Dry Powder 21A 113B. 6Kg Dry Powder 27A 183B. 9Kg Dry Powder 34A 183B. Class A, B, C and electrical as all the above. 1Kg and 2Kg Dry Powder extinguisher with fixed nozzle and bracket. 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg Dry Powder are supplied with flexible hose, nozzle and durable plastic base.

Carbon Dioxide

2Kg Co2 34B with frost free horn. Class Electrical and flamable liquids. 5Kg Co2 55B with hose and horn. High performance CO2 extinguishers for Flammable liquid and Electrical hazard risks.

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